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Lipstick is the "foundation" of a woman's face! So saving lipstick, the effect is very surprising

Issuing time:2021-09-16 15:59

For girls, lipstick is never enough. There are always the latest and most popular colors waiting for you to spend time and money.

Someone asked, does lipstick have a shelf life? A netizen replied: My lipstick, I do not allow him to expire, and he will not expire. Someone answered: As long as I didn't die, he wouldn't expire.

This may be the meaning of lipstick for girls, not only the same cosmetics, but also their armor can cope with the cruel world. So, does the lipstick have a shelf life? How long can lipstick be thrown?

of course!

Like all other cosmetics, lipsticks as industrially produced products have their own shelf life. Generally, the shelf life of a lipstick is shown on its outer packaging. If you look closely, you will notice that the shelf life of different brands may vary. But mostly within 2-3 years.

It is worth noting that this shelf life refers to unopened boxes. If lipstick is turned on, the shelf life is usually between one and one and a half years. Therefore, once lipstick is applied, it is best to use it within a year or so. For months, it has been discontinued.

Why does the shelf life of lipsticks shorten after opening the seal? This is because lipsticks are rich in oils and waxes and have strong adsorption. They can absorb harmful substances such as dust and bacteria from the air on the lipstick. Day after day, lipsticks are full of bacteria. Lipstick is naturally not safe enough.

In addition, most of the ingredients in lipsticks contain chemicals that easily deteriorate over time. Using a deteriorated lipstick is just like eating expired food, it still causes some damage to the body, and may cause red lips and even ulcers.

How to save lipstick after opening?


Cosmetics, including lipstick, should be protected from moisture. The lipstick must be placed in a place that can be ventilated to avoid damaging its active ingredients. Be sure to tighten the lid after use.

2.High temperature resistance

High temperature easily deforms or even melts the lipstick, so high temperature protection is also important to preserve the lipstick. Once the ultraviolet rays in the sun are exposed to lipsticks, the oils and fragrances contained in the sun easily oxidize each other, thereby destroying the pigments of the lipstick and inactivating certain ingredients. Where lipstick should not be placed directly in the sun is where lipstick should be placed.

3. Prevent pollution

Makeup girls will have a variety of makeup products. When using cosmetics, be sure to separate each one. Don't put them together casually. If you accidentally place them, they will cause mutual contamination of the cosmetics.

4. Isolate the air

There is oxygen in the air, and contact between lipstick and lipstick can cause lipstick to oxidize and deteriorate. After deterioration, you can no longer use lipstick. To extend its life, it is necessary to cover the lipstick and isolate it from the air.