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How to make makeup look simple

Issuing time:2021-09-16 15:59

The most natural way to make a natural look is to reduce facial makeup and focus on eye makeup. Although eye makeup is not complicated, it can enlarge your eyes. With silkworm makeup, cute perfect score ~

Simple daily makeup tutorial

The first step: After basic skin care, based on oil control foundation, and choose a foundation that suits your skin tone. If you like water-based base makeup, you can adjust high gloss liquid in liquid foundation.

Step 2: Also, don't forget to cover your position with concealer. Don't forget the dark circles, tears, acne and dull places.

Step 3: Then select a fluffy loose powder brush and sweep the oil control powder to a position where it is easy to apply oil. If you want a matte effect, you can sweep the entire face, the eye area and nose part need to focus on makeup.

Step 4: Then choose the brow powder that suits your hair color. Because the makeup is simple and natural, it is best to draw a basic eyebrow shape. Then use the same color eyebrow dye brush to make the eyebrows more uniform.

Step 5: Place pearl orange eye shadow on the upper eyelid, and brown eye shadow to deepen the second half of the eye. Basic earth colors are simple to use and can make your eyes look more three-dimensional.

Step 6: Dark brown eyeshadow will deepen the root of the eyeliner and don't forget the lower eyelid. Draw a thin inner eyeliner on the base of the eyeliner, and then apply mascara on the lashes.

Step 7: Apply a small amount of cream blush on your fingers, then gently apply it to the apple muscles. Be sure to pay attention to the blush under the eyes. Syncope is slightly felt. Blush, cheeks and cheek colors are used on lips.

Step 8: Lightly brush the light brown eyebrow powder, then gently sweep it under the lying silkworm to enhance the shadow of the lying silkworm and make the whole person look like a smile.