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How to make up without double eyelids

Issuing time:2021-09-16 15:59

A single eyelid without double eyelids looks like it has no spirit, but magical makeup techniques can turn a single eyelid into a dreamy double eyelid. How does a single eyelid become a double eyelid? The following beauty makeup artists will teach you eyeliner painting, self-confidence comes from the heart.

Step 1: A single eyelid should become a double eyelid. First, let's look at the eyeliner. First, draw an eyeliner on the eyelid, and then attach an eyeliner to the end of the lower eyelid. Then, the eyelids of the eyelids should be drawn on this line. The top of the eyeliner should not be too thick. Then use the brown eyeliner to draw a very thin eyeliner at the displayed position.

Step 2: The eyeliner is basically drawn. Next, apply the eye shadow painting method where the eyebrows and nose are connected, connect the drawn double eyelids with the light brown eye shadow at the end of the eyebrows, and then apply the eyebrows to the eyes again. From the end of the eyebrows to the end of the eyes.

Step 3: Use a slightly white eye shadow to brighten the eyebrows, make the eyes unclear, and the eyebrows that cannot be ignored, and use eyebrow pencils to draw eyebrows to deepen the feeling of foreigners.

Step 4: Put long false eyelashes on the eyeliner, and then apply shadow on both eyelids again.

Step 5: Complete the eye makeup. Has opening your eyes become double eyelids?